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Acupuncture Norwich

Here a few testimonials from happy clients

"I consider myself lucky to learn about Five Element Acupuncture and subsequently start my treatment with Aynsley. This has been a life changing experience. Not only my physical problems disappeared but also my mental attitude has improved dramatically. I feel so much more positive and alive than ever before. Aynsley is a very professional, considerate and knowledgeable practitioner. I have already recommended her to several of my friends and would have no hesitation to do it again. I feel that anyone can benefit from acupuncture, no matter what health problems one might have, as it is a very gentle yet effective and rewarding treatment."  - Lena

"My experience of Acupuncture Norwich has been excellent. I was very impressed by both the professionalism and the authentic personable skills of Aynsley. She has great skill and care in her approach coupled with insight thereby enabling one to feel listened too and thus making one active in their treatment too. I would recommend her without any hesitation." - Garret

"Having tried various skin treatments with no significant long term improvements, I would absolutely recommend the facial acupuncture and derma roller administered by Aynsley. The wrinkles on my face have softened, deep lines have disappeared and my skin has noticeably firmed up. I also have detox acupuncture, and the results of this are the elimination of stress, I am so much more relaxed and my health has dramatically improved. The results for both procedures have been impressive. Aynsley is highly qualified, very knowledgeable, caring and professional. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her." - Tricia

"I have had treatment for ongoing issues around fatigue. I have found them to be extremely beneficial both in physical terms and also mentally - I have been so impressed by my own treatment that as psychologist I have begun referring and recommending Aynsley to my own patients. I believe her treatment and approach is much needed and acts well in maintaining good health and preventing more serious health conditions."   - G Cronin

"I went to see Aynsley for treatment relating to anxiety, and the effects were astounding. After just a couple of treatments, no longer do I experience socially crippling panic attacks, heart palpitations and sweats associated with anxiety. Acupuncture has worked so well for me that I continue to go just for seasonal balance-ups to prevent sickness with the changing of seasons, or any other health complaints that have arisen, such as anaemia and after-effects of anaesthesia. Highly recommended!" - Flora

"The treatment was great. I felt very relaxed with the practitioner and have started my course of treatment with her. The environment was also first class." - Heidi

"I have been seeing Aynsley for acupuncture to help with a health issue and have found the sessions invaluable. Aynsley is friendly and relaxed, approachable and very professional. She carried out a thorough consultation at our first session and immediately put me at ease. She always explains what she is going to do, answers any questions I may have and checks for my comfort levels well. I had tried various other things before acupuncture that had not worked for this particular health issue but now my symptoms have improved greatly. I have no hesitation in recommending acupuncture and, particularly, Aynsley as a therapist. I am an acupuncture convert!" -  Annette J

"Extremely thorough consultation and continually assessed. Treatment is relaxing and therapeutic. Results are exceptional."  -  Gemma

"Helped reduce my stress" Were you pleased with the treatment? My treatment with Aynsley has helped reduce my high levels of stress and tiredness. More than that, it has introduced me to the fascinating world of five element acupuncture. Under the thoughtful listening and guidance of Aynsley, five element acupuncture has helped me understand myself better and move to better health" - Elizabeth, First Class Practioner

"I have been seeing Aynsley for nine months and she has gently lifted the Chronic Fatigue that had robbed me of my energy and general good health. An intuitive and professional five element practitioner Aynsley has given me back my life. " - AndreaEi

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About Us

Acupuncture Norwich holds clinics for Five Element Acupuncture and Cosmetic Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture at the tranquil and private settings of The Lilac Room, De Vere Dunston Hall just outside the city centre of Norwich.

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Acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of conditions, from headaches and insomnia to chronic pain and stress. Working in harmony with your body to stimulate its innate healing responses, it has a therapeutic effect on body and mind, helping you enjoy better physical and mental health.


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